We translate video games, produce voiceovers, and offer quality assurance.
We work with customers and partners all over the world and can handle any kind of project, from indie games to global AAA franchises.
We’ve been translating, providing voiceover work, offering quality assurance, and handling graphics since 2009. We work with all kinds of platforms: mobile, PC, and consoles of all different generations.
Need your project translated into several languages? Levsha has got you covered! During our 10 years in the business, we have forged partnerships with customers who share our localization values and help players from different regions fully appreciate your game.
We’ve been providing voiceovers since the company’s launch. Since 2016, we have had a studio right in our office.
Thanks to our own recording software, we provide high-quality voiceovers with a quick turnaround time. Actors can see and hear their companions when recording dialogues, and postprocessing experts don’t have to waste their time on manual file renaming and tracking.
Localization QA
Sometimes the translator and editor produce perfect text, but it ends up in the wrong place in the game. Know how that feels? We sure do. The best way to find and fix these errors is localization quality assurance.
It’s only thanks to QA that we avoid confusing the General tab in game settings with the General rank belonging to Eisenhower.
Our QA team has PCs, mobile devices, and console testing kits at their disposal. We realize that the budget allocated to localization QA usually ranges from approximately zero to absolute zero. That’s why we provide cheaper QA options, too, working on screenshots or gameplay clips.
Our experience
We are bound by non-disclosure agreements. As much as we want to, we can’t brag about all the awesome projects we’ve participated in. That includes some partnerships we’re really proud of.
That’s a bummer, sure. But now there’s one thing you know for sure: if you’d prefer our partnership to remain confidential, we’ll honor that wish.
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