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Levsha Localization Studio helps Russian developers and publishers take their games to foreign markets and bring foreign ones to Russia. We translate, test, and provide voice-over for games.

We specialize in games, and only in games. We don’t do apostilles and we don’t translate diplomas and home appliance manuals. We would, however, be delighted to localize an RPG about obtaining an apostille, a social game about getting a diploma, or an online quest about selling home appliances.


Sadly, it is all too common for players to get frustrated with clunky or downright bewildering text, expressing their frustration with choice expletives aimed at the publisher. It is imperative that the player can never guess that your content was ever translated from another language. We, therefore, work with only tested, highly skilled translators — seasoned freelancers and experts in your target markets. We meet with them offline, and don’t begin any collaboration until we’ve confirmed that their attitudes toward localization conform to ours.

Our greatest tool in ensuring translation quality is our shared knowledgebase. Because it can be expediently utilized by any professional, we’re insured against situations when a translator gets sick, disappears, or even dies, and there’s no one to pick up the job. We can also connect our clients to it, enabling them to control the project’s terminology.


We collaborate with audio recording studios of varying sizes and capabilities — these are based in Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, USA, and another half-dozen countries. Depending on your budget, we can record audio for your game that’s expensive and top-notch or respectable and economical. You won’t be winning any Grammys with the latter option, but you won’t lose face before players either.

We record time-synched, sound-synched and lip-synched voice-overs in Russian. We’ve developed our proprietary software to ensure quick and accurate work. We personally know all the famous actors from film and advertising, and we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent. Thanks to partnerships with smaller regional studios, we can also offer voices that gamers haven’t already heard a hundred times before.


Translating the game is only half the job. Localized products must be tested, since text on a page versus lines in a game are totally different things. We will make sure that the variables are properly integrated into the text, special symbols are out of sight, male characters aren’t referred to by female pronouns and vice versa, etc. We will also evaluate how the text appears in the context of the game, and suggest a suitable font. Need a tester for a game localized by another company? We can do that too!

We understand that smaller projects come with a limited budget, and testing is typically expensive. And we have economical solutions for precisely those situations. For example, we can supply our tests with developer-provided screenshots, which would enable them to process the same amount of work in 2 hours instead of 10. At the same time, we love working on big projects, and would be happy to put together a team capable of testing some grand and boundless MMORPG.